Audit Advice, assistance, and direct representation

THE irs contacts you, you contact us!

Whether in response to a letter, a notice of lien, or an impending levy, Beuther Tax Service LLC  provides the entire range of advice and assistance you need when the IRS contacts you.  And since he is admitted to practice before the IRS as an Enrolled Agent, Robert can directly represent you at the IRS on your behalf.  Direct contact with them is not necessary, nor is the stress that comes along with it.  Let Robert help you achieve the best outcome possible.

The range of services we provide include:

  • Addressing CP2000 letters
  • Amending returns based on IRS letters
  • Understanding and evaluating notices of lien and levy
  • Preparing materials for an audit
  • Representing taxpayers in an audit
  • Negotiating Offers in Compromise (OIC) and payment plans
  • Negotiating Separation of Liability claims